Childrens corner

Stop the City Council from giving up our public land to a private enterprise!

Children’s Corner wants us to

  • Give up 6,500 square feet of our civic center land for 20 years.
  • Use our money to build dedicated space for its exclusive use.

Why offer our land and funds to this particular school?

Such funding would “require reduction in the currently proposed Community Center building size and/or quality.” *

That means there would be less space for classes and activities to serve all Los Altans. Our seniors would get even less than the currently allocated 2,000 square feet and our teens less than 800 square feet.

Yet Children’s Corner would get 3,000 square feet of custom-built indoor space for a very small percentage of Los Altos preschoolers.

Stop this bad deal!

Wear RED to the City Council Meeting on November 28 at 7:00 pm

Council Chambers, One North San Antonio Road

Wear RED and speak out to oppose this special interest proposal that does not serve the best interests of our community.

Wear RED and send an email to Council at

* Staff report at:

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