Parking and Traffic


Downtown Los Altos just before 9:00 a.m. on a weekday. Parking is much more difficult to find, later in the day.
The current city parking requirement for office space is roughly based on one employee per 333 sq ft. However, the current industry standard is one employee per 151 sq ft if you assume typical office sizes.  This difference becomes very important in larger buildings. For example, the currently proposed LACI building on First Street has parking for about 250 occupants, but industry standard suggests it could occupy over 500. So, potentially 250 more vehicles from these occupants could be seeking out community parking downtown.  If city codes are current and accurate, the city is able to set expectations for parking needs when a building is implemented, and could plan for the associated issues. As bigger and bigger buildings are proposed for downtown, the importance of having accurate parking codes becomes increasingly critical.


March 28, 2017, the Los Altos City Council decided not to move forward to test speed limit increases on one or more segments. Want to know more about why council members made this decision and why speed limits can be complicated in California? Click here. At the same meeting, the Los Altos City Council approved a formal stop sign policy. Click here for the staff report. The Council also decided to consider whether to move the “Transportation” responsibilities from the current Planning and Transportation Commission back to the Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission. Council members Jeannie Bruins and Lynette Lee Eng will work with staff and the respective commissions on a final recommendation. February 14, 2017, the Council heard an update on school safety issues. Click here for the staff report. And click here for a presentation on the subject.